Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Coming soon.

Crystal Moth is not quite a band. Nor is it really a collective, or a project. If it has a leader, then it's percussionist/producer/soundscaper Patrick Dawes (Woven Entity, Groove Armada, Herbaliser etc as well as a solo artist), who's responsible for putting it together. Over the last couple of years Dawes and drummer Paul May (also of Woven Entity, Duke Garwood, Fourth Page etc etc) have been in and out of the studio with a small orchestra of longtime friends and collaborators, improvising, overdubbing, mixing and sculpting what's become Crystal Moth's first album. Vocalist Charlie Beresford and pianist/keyboardist Carolyn Hume (both solo artists as well as members of Fourth Page) form the core of the orchestra alongside Dawes, May and bassist Peter Marsh, with guest appearances from avant bluesman Duke Garwood, multi-instrumentalist Chris Cornetto and others. The results are close to unclassifiable and are quietly, stubbornly unpredictable; an unforced mix of stretched songform, muscular knotty grooves, spacey ambience and delicate lyricism.